Great Wooden Box Plan


Wooden box plan – When you build wooden boxes for your garden, you are essentially building elevated beds. These high beds are ideal for shipyards with limited space and do not want to dig up the patio or when the soil is not suitable for cultivation. You can fill your wooden gardening boxes with a rich soil that is much better for growing all kinds of flowers, vegetables or fruits. The construction of the wooden boxes is easy and can be completed in a few hours. Decide the size you want for your chest. Keep in mind that if you want to move it around, a little smaller could be better. Plan a 4-foot square box so that weeding is manageable from all sides of the box. Use the tape measure to correctly measure 4 feet from both ends of two of the boards.

Cedar is native to the United States and other North American countries and is quite abundant in those places. Cedar wooden box plan has many of the same qualities as teak. It is durable, produces its own preservative oils and will last for many years. Because cedar grows rapidly and abundantly in many climates, it is not endangered like teak and will be readily available. Often, cedar is more affordable than teak. Keep your cedar with a layer of water sealer or simple wood oil. A layer of dye will also preserve the color and beauty of your garden cedar box. If left untreated, cedar will age to a silver-gray color, just like teak.

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Redwood wooden box plan is harvested in North America and in some areas of China. Wood is a kind of rapid growth, so it is readily available. Most red wood used for garden furniture is grown on private land, making it a conscious choice for the environment. Redwood is a very resistant wood for the use of the garden. It will last approximately 25 years, when left outdoors most of the time. Caring for your redwood products by applying redwood sealer every six months to a year. The sealer will keep the water and soaking spots on the wood. Sequoia graying can be sanded back to its original color before applying the red wood sealer. And also large number of other tropical hardwoods with the same longevity and durability of teak. These woods gain popularity as teak becomes more difficult to obtain. All these forests extend in color and appearance.

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