Good Tips to Bottom Mount Drawer Slides


Drawer hardware can improve the capabilities of a kitchen. Bottom mount drawer slides are among the best and have a long life. There are several different models of the slides. If the need is for the drawer to come completely out of the closet (full extension). Or to support the use of pots and pans on a removable shelf. Mounting on the European side of the drawer slides will work well.  Place a set of the European part assemble slides from the drawer. Two of them are floor inside the frame of the cabinet face. Two of them are “L” for the drawer itself. Lay the planes against each other so that the wheels are in contact. The upper part of the slide is recognizable by the open area above the wheel. This will reveal that it is installed on the left and that it is on the right.

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Attach the front part of the flat slide to the inside of the face frame opening for the drawer with the variable speed drill and one screw. This is to allow the adjustment of the slide, if necessary. Place the plate just above the lower crossbar. And just behind the face of the drawer opening of the face frame. Repeat this procedure for the other bottom mount drawer slides. Place the “L” slides on the shape sides at the bottom of the drawer box. Make sure the wheels are in the back of the drawer. Install at least four screws for each slide with the variable speed drill. Place the torpedo level on the top of the drawer slide in the cabinet. Level the slide and install a screw in the hole of the oblong screw. Repeat this procedure for the other slide in the cabinet.

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Insert the drawer into the drawer opening of the face frame. And push the drawer until the back of the front of the drawer meets the front of the cabinet. If the front of the drawer strikes softly against the face frame. No adjustments are needed and the remaining screws can be install in the bottom mount drawer slides in the cabinet. If not, make the necessary adjustments. Read through the installation process a couple of times if this is your first attempt with the European slides mounting part. Use the screws that come with the slides as others could make the system slow or catch when you are in use. Do not leave the power tools unattended in the presence of children. Do not over tighten the screws, as this would compromise the strength of the drawer system.

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