Good Kitchen Base Cabinets with Drawers


Kitchen base cabinets with drawers – Lifestyles change and now kitchens must respond to new demands. In some homes this room has gained prominence, opening to the living room or dining room. In others, the lack of space requires that their functions be integrate into small areas. In all these cases, the order in the kitchen is fundamental to have at hand our utensils and food. And, at the same time, out of sight. How to get it? We give you the keys to organize the interior of your kitchen furniture and achieve the desired harmony. Studying the lifestyle in the kitchen is essential to plan a balanced and functional space. A family that makes the purchase once a week will not have the same needs with respect to another one that does it every day. Or a couple that does not eat at home with respect to another that does.

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The distribution must also take into account issues. Such as how many people usually work in the kitchen, what kind of activities are carried out in it. Whether it is open or closed … From there we can determine how much storage space and work we need. Then locate each function and start putting ideas on the table to get the desired order in the kitchen. Everything in sight: choose drawers instead of doors for your kitchen base cabinets with drawers. It is important that everything is accessible and can be locate at a glance. Applying organizational criteria, but also ergonomics and functionality. Kitchen furniture avoid the doors in the lower area. And enhance the placement of drawers. In this way we get a more orderly kitchen, in which just by opening a drawer we will obtain an overview of its contents , avoiding having to bend down and search.

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Organizing by levels is a good option to take advantage of space and facilitate organization and accessibility. Structures the kitchen base cabinets with drawers in this way. The first level is dedicated to frequently used objects. Such as cutlery, knives, ladles, skimmers and other kitchen utensils. The trays and accessories made in natural wood help organize these elements. The second level is for tableware and food. The silversmith system, adaptable to any size dish or source, helps to order the dishes. The combinable boxes, on the other hand, allow to organize the food. Large utensils, such as pots, are stored on the third level. The height of the drawer also allows to store bottles and briks.

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