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European style cabinets – European styles of interior decoration are at the root of almost every style of decoration seen throughout the developed world thanks to the renaissance. Which resulted in the rapid evolution of furniture manufacturing and a highly skilled band of artisans and colonialism, and which spread these designs throughout the world. Also while there have been periods of strong nationalism in the design history of our own country, many contemporary interiors are inspired by European decor. And understanding the immensely varied European styles of interior decoration can help any budding decorator to better understand European style cabinets and decor themes. There is a design cabinet for each theme of decoration and style. Design cabinets for your entire budget and style.

Mediterranean style influenced by the coast of Spain, France, Italy and Greece and also associated with the style of Tuscany. Pieces of furniture generally inspired by 15 of the European styles through the 18th century. Rich textures are common in this style and include a variety of woods, stones, metals and textiles. It is recognizable by its use of warm colors and small rustic furniture. And the countries of northern Europe known for a practical approach to design. This furniture is clean, simple and light. And they often have light woods and pieces that mass produced. Scandinavian style is great with the inspiration of the movement towards modernity during the 1900s. And design your own kitchen furniture to save money and get the exact look you want. And then you can repaint your existing cabinets, then build your own, or work with a carpenter.

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The trend of cabinets that looks like kitchen furniture makes it feel more like a living room. It gives a new style old home while leaving the flow of kitchen with a free floor. Cabinets can also hide appliances to make the kitchen feel more like a living room.  For a European style cabinets or elegant kitchen build a closet that looks like a closet. A large closet can work as a porcelain sideboard or a pantry. Paint the piece a lighter color than the rest of the cabinets so it becomes a focal point and does not dominate the kitchen. Design cabinets to look like a dresser. Use an old chest of drawers like a kitchen island. Sideboards give unusual style for a kitchen while providing extra drawer space. You can add the actual furniture of your cabinets.  The counter can cover both parts. The console table adds interest.

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