Good Garage Shop Plans: Read On!


The garage shop plans and construction has its standards in terms of minimum internal width, length and height. But that does not mean that the required minimum dimensions will suffice. The minimum dimensions of the garage depend on the size of the vehicle we want to accommodate here. There must be a distance of 0.60 m to 1 m between the garage walls. And the side of the vehicle on the driver’s side, depending on the length of the car. On the passenger side this space should be between 0.25 m and 0.50 m. The minimum distance between the fronts of the vehicle. And the door shall be between 0.50 m and 0.80 m between the ends of the vehicle. And the rear wall for all vehicle lengths 0, 50 m. Theoretically, it looks like for a small passenger car up to 4.25 m, a 2.7 x 5.3 m garage is enough.

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Medium and large passenger cars and small caravans up to 5 m will enter the space of 3 x 6.2 m. And large caravans are conveniently stored in dimensions 3.5 x 8.6 m. The clear height of garage shop plans must be at least 2.1 m. And at the same time 0.2 m higher than the height of the highest vehicle or caravan. In practice, however, he does not pay to design a garage based on an existing car. Because while you are building the house with the plan to spend it all your life, the vehicle may be replaced within a few years. Now you put your hand in the fire behind your small car parking so well at the mall. But once you have the second or third child you will have to move to a comfortable family car. You also have to think that you will not just get out of the car in the garage.

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Sometimes some bulky suitcases, and so on. In addition, you may want to park your bicycles in the garage too, stroller, lawn mower and toolbox. Notwithstanding the fact that the garage is often used to store different things and hibernate garden furniture. To provide you with a practical guide, the most common internal dimensions of garage shop plans for one car are 3 x 6 to 6, 5 m.  For the two cars, expect at least 6 x 6 to 6,5 m, but in both cases prefer to give more clearance to the width, you want to get a bit of storage space. With a width of 4 m for one car and 7 to 8 m for two you will be more comfortable to move around the vehicles. And on the sides you will leave the place on the shelves.

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