Good Architecture for Affordable Modern House Designs


Affordable modern house designs – The work on updating our design palette has resulted in two new house models with clear contemporary feel. But the shapes, floor plans and product details that we developed can also be used to create more modern expressions in all our houses. We have thought about interior and exterior. Worked on the whole and the parts. And developed both design and function for a modern lifestyle. The goal is always a tailor-made a home, created based on what you love. Your life work.

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The Architect Role

The beautiful and affordable modern house designs are created by the sum of the thoughtful details. A clear vision, long experience, and profound knowledge. We, therefore, asked some of Sweden’s top architects to draw a house collection. For all of us who appreciate that little extra.

The architect role is to produce, product packaging and rationalize the architect’s own business model himself. We are thus beneficial to both the house buyer and the architect. The buyer receives a signed and premium product in all respects at a fixed and significantly lower price than the unique architectural piece of paper, which is also always a “prototype”. The architect, in turn, has access to a partly new and much wider market through the Architect’s affordable modern house designs.L shaped mid century modern house front makeover,

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