Food Safe Wood Finish Recommendation


You’ve probably heard of some of the food safe wood finish environmentally friendly and low VOC. The wood finish is obtained from natural inputs, seeds and nuts. Also vegetable oils, waxes, insect secretions, mineral pigments, water. The wood varnish releases dangerous contaminants, xylene, toluene, ketones, methanol and methylene chloride. Some common finishes for wood, green and low VOC can be. First, the shellac for wood. It is a natural product, secretion of the insect lacquer. This insect sucks the juices of the trees leaving its resin behind. It scrapes the shellac of the branches without causing damage to the insects.

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And to the tree, this a process Eco-friendly suitable for use in wood. You will have a professional finish of your piece of wood, an ecological lacquer for wood, long-lasting. Second, hydrolacs for wood; That are more expensive are less resistant to heat and acids than polyurethanes. But evaporate less volatile organic compounds. These suitable for a healthier environment for you and our ecosystem. Third, the linseed oil timber is obtained from linseed, applied on wood. These has minimal resistance to staining, water permeable and water vapor.

This is not a recommendation for a piece of wooden furniture, a coffee table, a final table, very exposed to watermarks and stains. Fourth, the waxes wood, from beeswax and vegetable wax, are natural and non – toxic; environmentally friendly, need open breathing pores allow moisture removal, preventing wax peeling. They leave a very natural appearance in the wood, highlight grain patterns. But they must renewed continuously. They are suitable for surfaces in contact with food and toys. So, the recommendation is, for a countertop, non-toxic finish, according to food safety and water repellent. Wax butcher block finish for wood are beautiful naturally on wooden counters.

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But if you are going to prepare butcher block finishes safe food, the water from the food will enter the pores of the wood allowing the bacteria to lodge. Meanwhile tung oil is safe to use as a wood cutting surface. And they areĀ  also available in low VOC versions. OSMO is professional color wax oil, solvent based, made from natural oils and waxes for wood. Vermont PolyWhey is low VOC, water based. Bioshield is flaxseed oil, safe for food, for cutting wooden boards, wood countertops, and can be rubbed. While ECO is soy based, it can used in both interior and exterior woods. So, the end.

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