Fantastic Modern Concrete House Plans


The versatility in the projects and the creativity of the architects allows mixing several materials when designing a home. The facade can show several faces and the interior can create the most diverse environments and sensations. The volume crudely shows the marks of the structure in the horizontal lines of the modern concrete house plans, revealing burrs and faded joints. However, the brown dye with which it is covered achieves a perfect integration of the volume with the surroundings, making it look more organic, more natural, and closer, like a rock placed in the landscape.

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The modern concrete house plans structure of the walls elegantly highlights the large windows from which the interior staircase can be seen. The views in blocks of polished stone and the floor, also of polished stone, subtly fuse the textures and the exterior colors. This house is a sample of elegance, modernity and shapes that the concrete makes look great!

Once again, that the modern concrete house plans is perfectly well suited to the vegetation. And that the elements of industrial style with which it is complemented, rather than increasing the impersonal and cold, they become neutral scenarios of the wonder of color, freshness and liveliness of the vegetation. Pathway lighting, on the other hand, creates atmospheres of subtle mystery and surprising discoveries at every step!

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