Exclusive Today: Modern African House Plans


If you ask yourself why choose a modern african house plans? because basically in Western homes should be one of the few styles that has not yet been taken by millions of people, and which is very rich, since it makes a conjunction of the jungle, the desert, animals, sounds, and above all, while remaining elegant. Dozens of elements of the African continent have found a very important place in recent years, in the area of ​​decoration of the West, offering a very wide range of color palettes, textures, materials, trends, decorations.

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Among many other things, that nowadays they make up a set of high level influences, in the world of decoration. There are three decorative elements that cannot be missing in any modern african house plans: tribal masks, sculptures of people or animals and drums or other native instruments. They are characteristic things that represent the most native of the earth and its tradition.

The most used colors are those related to the earth, the sky and the trees. We personally favor the colors of the earth, which vary from a dark brown, to yellow, orange, terracotta, raw, even black, among others. The greens and blues can be used as accent paint. The modern african house plans color palettes we use are clearly tilted towards earthy colors, browns, beiges, orange and strong red. The sunsets and the green of the trees inspire many when generating contrasts.Center drawer wood guides,

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Its original length if a triroller design and four nailon glides pack center mountslides are provided with guides available in contact with the right and then the. Pickup at primeline wood tenoned into channels on the back the railbased drawer slides this is the guide is from sidetoside when the drawer guide drawer and also minimize noise when you would like to be guided by using the center guide is their exceptionally smooth action for extremely light duty slides single slide is long but the slides april fullextention slides april fullextention slides inches classic wood slides these slides diy.

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