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Extension cord organizer – The struggle to avoid problems with the blissful cables never ends. It is true that there are already some options to try to minimize them. Either by opting for wireless connections or by organizing and hiding them. The problem is that not all cables can be hidden. Because many of them we use them daily and in different locations. The USB charging cable of your smartphone, the headphone, laptop charger, etc. There are many candidates who throughout the day will choose the prize for the most tangled cable of all. If you want to put an end, here are some ideas to avoid the annoying tangles in the cables. Preventing cables from getting tangled is impossible if we do not take certain measures.

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As the University of California was able to verify, the movement to which they are subjected makes that, in a coiled cable. The shorter sections are introduce in the majors thus causing the entanglement. A study so curious that even took formulas to explain each type of knot. Anyway, the most interesting were some conclusions. Such as that cables with length less than 46cm or greater than 150cm are less likely to get entangled. Which, to a certain extent, already gives us some clues to end that tangle of uncomfortable cables tangled together. The tangles of cables are very annoying. It does not matter if we lie them carefully, without forcing or squeezing excessively … They end up entangled. Sometimes, yes, it is due to the length of the cable. But on many other occasions because of having several together.

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You connect the headphones, then the charge of the mobile, later you remove one. And when you go to connect it again it is already in mess mount. Therefore, the golden rule: reduce to the maximum the number of cables you need . As when we saw how to extension cord organizer of your team, the first step is to get to stay only those that really are essential. Your smartphone, tablet, watch, book reader … Possibly all have their own cable with micro USB connection. Do you need to have as many identical cables? There will be situations or moments of the day in which yes you will be able to require to have at hand both. But surely they are those that less. Therefore, we are going to start there, to avoid having too many cables.

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