Comfortable Floor Chair with Back Support


The importance of adjusting in height backrest and seat of floor chair with back support lies in always maintaining a correct posture in front of the computer. The positioning of the body in a certain way for long periods of time increases the pressure on spine. And decrease mobility causing numbness of the arm and hands, back pain, increased irritability and stiff neck. Pathologies that often cause demotivation in the work of the position, irritability and a decrease in productivity at work. The best way to curb and prevent these discomforts is. Undoubtedly, with ergonomic and comfortable furniture that invites to maintain healthy postures throughout the workday. Remember that key to diminishing these potential risks lies in a well-design job. That provides a correct stabilization of body to specific task that is being done at any given time.

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We provide you with the keys so that you always bear in mind the importance of adjusting the height and backrest of a work chair. Not adjusting the height of the backrest and seat results in a lack of support in the back that causes muscle tensions and pathologies in the lower back. The height of the backrest should reach at least the middle part of the backrest. It is essential that you have floor chair with back support and with adjustable backrest in height, depth and inclination. You must take into account the functions of each work station. For example, computer workers prefer a position with the backrest slightly tilted backwards. While the jobs that require attention on the table or facing the public, prefer that the backrest is upright.

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In addition, its design and comfort are ideal for any area of ​​the office. Since they incorporate a backrest with flexible mesh suitable for any posture. And with a backrest that can have a reclining movement and adjustment that prevents diseases of the spine and back. A bad adjustment in height of the backrest and chair can create certain postural vices. So decide on floor chair with back support with adjustable seat height mechanisms to avoid raising the shoulders and stress wrists and hands. The importance of adjusting the height. And backrest of a work chair also lies in avoiding head twists and deviations of the wrist when typing. Decide for a chair that incorporates systems of rotating mechanism to have the ability to rotate the seat on its axis without having to force the neck and back.

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