Choosing the Right Wooden Mantel Clocks


Wooden Mantel Clocks – It’s important to be aware of the choice every time you plan to buy a fireplace clock. Very popular in the 18th and 19th centuries, they are relatively inexpensive. These watches are intended to be placed on a person’s fireplace shelf – as the name suggests. However, this does not mean that the Westminster leafy clanging clock must be placed on a fireplace shelf; in fact, they can be placed anywhere around the house. Considered quite fashionable, this clock enhances the interior decoration of the house. The following information is a must for anyone who wants to buy it.

The Types

There are many types of watches available that can improve the appearance of each home. The type must be chosen based on home decoration, clock size, and budget. In addition, this watch feature must also be considered. People who buy it must also choose batteries and those that must be closed. Wind up versions usually needs to be wrapped at least once a week. However, certain models only need to be rolled every two weeks. Manual switches are often included in watches that allow one to turn off the tinkering feature. Some are also equipped with automatic night silencer features.

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Battery Operated

These are new discoveries. The battery-operated version is equipped with a number of features, including an alarm function. Although this is indeed a modern version of the clock, the design can be based on antique decorations. The sound of these models produces very high quality but is somewhat different from the wind version.

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The clock coat is made of various materials, and this has a big impact on not only the overall quality of the device, but also the price. Some of the materials used to make it are as follows: Wood, old fireplace pieces are mostly made of oak and cherries, and are placed on a coat rack often on an ‘open’ fire; during this period of time it causes the oil in the clock to ‘dry out’ and the clock stops functioning. Material may have solid pieces or may have been developed from wood panels. Traditionally, these are made in America that are painted, carved and equipped with metals such as brass.

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Several types of clocks above, made of porcelain and very common to see various designs and paintings on it. The famous watchmaker has for years created porcelain watches with attractive designs.

Precious Metals or Stone

Previously, several hours were made of silver and gold and were very expensive. Slate and marble are the most popular stones used to make them. This, however, is heavy but displays an attractive appearance.

Modern style

Compared to antique counterparts, modern style clocks have many additional features. Many current versions are designed (in appearance) to imitate antique models; However, they feature all modern features including alarms and other features of modern watches.


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