Cd Storage Cabinet Organized Solution Systems


If you love music or just not organized, CDs can cause clutter on shelves, tables or cabinets. If you are looking for cd storage cabinet in stores, you will be surprised to discover that the prices in a simple plastic CD storage unit. The construction of a wooden CD storage cabinet will not only be cheaper, but you can also make several units to fit your CD collection. Each wooden storage unit can hold 40 CDs, so if your collection extends between 40 and 80 CDs, create two units and place them on top of each other. Lay the sheet of plywood down so you can draw on it with a pencil. Measure two pieces for the side of the CD storage box at 6 1/2 inches by 26 1/2 inches. Brand five pieces that measure 5 inches by 6 1/2 inches.

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Which will be the top, bottom and shelf pieces. Measure one last at 26 1/2 inches by 6 inches, which will be the back piece of the cd storage cabinet drawers unit. Use the jigsaw to cut the pieces, and then soften the edges of the pieces’ with sandpaper. Place one of the side pieces on its side. Use the ruler and a pencil to create a pattern of marks along the long side of the board. The pattern should start at one end with a space of 1/2 inch, then a space of 6 inches. And then a space of half an inch. Continue this pattern until the side of the piece of wood has been marked. Repeat this step on the second side piece. Place one of the side pieces on its side.

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Take one of the five pieces of shelves and place it perpendicular to the side piece. Align it so the end shelf piece fits into one of the 1/2 inch spaces on the side. Connect the cd storage rack piece to the side piece with nails and a hammer. The nail must go through the side piece and connect to the piece of shelves. Repeat this step with the remaining four pieces of shelving and connect them to the four 1/2 inch spaces on the side. Connect the second side piece to the unit by lining the piece to the ends piece of shelves that sticks out from the first side piece. Use the 1/2 inch spaces drawn on the second side piece to connect them correctly. Use the nails and the hammer to connect all the pieces. Place the unit down so that the back is facing up.

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