Building Wooden Keepsake Box


Wooden keepsake box are available in many shapes and sizes, from small trinkets to large storage boxes for toys, wood or linen. Wooden boxes are a classic way of storing things, and give a charming look to any area where they are used, whether it’s a make-up table, at the end of a bed, or even at the fireplace to keep it on. Although there are commercially made boxes available, making your own you can save a lot of money, especially if you choose recycled wood.


Cut wood to the desired size. You need a base, two sides, two ends and a lid. Hammer in three or four nails along each end of the box when the glue has dried. Tighten the tape first after nailing the sides together. Turn the box so that the bottom is on top, and then nail the base of the box. Cut two pieces of wood that are narrow, between 1/4 inch and 1 inch, depending on the size of the box, and fit tightly along the inside of the box. These will attach to the bottom of the cover so that it fits in place without sliding on the box.

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Turn the cover so that the bottom faces you, glue down two pieces of wood so that they are level at the inside of the box when the cover is on. Let dry. Glue the handle on the center of the lid. The handle can be a simple length of wood, a door handle type handle, or even a brass handle. Sand the entire large keepsake boxes wooden, then brush any residue with a clean brush. Varnish the box and allow it to dry thoroughly before putting the lid on the box. Stand up a piece of plywood with three dados and one piece of plywood with a dado on just the top. Spread glue along the vertical dado and slide the second piece of plywood into the vertical dado, matching dado up the top.

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Stand up the other two pieces of plywood, with dado corresponding on top and sides. Glue all vertical dados and pull the pieces together. Release two tape clips over the drawer and tighten until glue penetrates, this square will come and bring the drawer together. Hammers four nails in each corner evenly distributed between the bands. Spread glue around dado on top, which is actually bottom and release the lower piece of plywood in dado, trim if it’s too hard. Nail around the entire perimeter of the bottom.

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