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Bread cutting board are divide into two categories: kneading and cutting. Although a board can serve a double purpose. The scratches and cut marks that leave the blade on the cutting board tend to catch raw dough during the kneading process. So many chefs and bakers prefer to use two cutting boards. The best bread card option depends on your needs. These boards are usually larger than the cutting boards to provide ample space for the bread dough that is kneaded, turned, folded, perforated down and shaped without covering the kitchen counter or table with the flour. To avoid sticking dough and keep its smooth and elastic finish during kneading. The flour is spray on the board during the baking process. Kneading boards are normally insulate from other cooking plates so their surfaces remain smooth and dry.

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While bread can be cut on any board, if you regularly cut your own bread. It is a good idea to have one dedicated to bread. So the risk of transmitting bacteria from other foods is reduce. Modern slotted bread cutting board come in many shapes and sizes and many have artistic mosaic designs on their surface. Making them attractive enough to fold as kitchen decor. Some styles have cutting guides on the edges to guide knife blades and become perfect slices. Other types have guides that are placing over the top of the loaf to make the cut multiple cuts, uniform easy. While wood cutting boards have an earthy, homey resource if they are use to cut and slice non-bread foods. Bacteria can easily build on the notches and scratches and the cross-contamination of other foods.

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Wooden boards have to be disinfectant periodically with vinegar, bleach, hydrogen peroxide or other antibacterial solutions if they are use for multiple purposes. Plastic bread cutting board with knife are not so aesthetically appealing. But they are easy to clean in the dishwasher and highly resistant to damage from knife blades. Hard rubber cutting boards, available in the specialized kitchen and restaurant supply stores, are durable, bacteria resistant and easy to clean. If you regularly cut bread for sandwiches, a bread board with knife guides is the best option. On the contrary, if you only slice bread from time to time, a normal cutting board will suffice. Regular bakers who knead the dough by hand found a plaque dedicated to the task of a solid and practical investment. If you knead and cut loaves regularly, invest in two cutting boards.

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