Beautiful Wood Slice Table in Decoration


It’s already an open secret that raw wood slice table are in fashion and that they will be much, much more from January. This Christmas 2018, in which rustic and natural materials are more trend than ever. We are seeing slices of wood as Christmas decorations, trivets and even as coasters. Slices of olive wood are cross sections or discs of olive tree trunk. These slices are of an extraordinary beauty since you can see all growth rings of tree. Olive tree is a very slow growing tree. And generally subjected to water stress, annual pruning and vases or vibrations for harvest. This set of singularities, make their wood, their veins and their growth rings are very unique compare to other trees that are plant exclusively for use of their wood such as pine, beech, oak etc.

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But slices of wood offer many decorative options. And today we will help you discover them by showing you some original and very cool ways to decorate with them. You will be surprise what they give of themselves! First contact we have had with slices of wood has been in autumn 2018. In which we have begun to see them everywhere as a base material to create homemade Christmas DIY decorations. We have seen them decorating tree, wood slice table, napkins … even gifts! And truth is that they are phenomenal. Despite this, untreated wood is not a completely new trend. In this post we were updating you that it was a decorative idea with more and more followers. And it seems that at last raw wood has found your perfect identity in form of a slice.


And it is always easier to find a place at home for a centerpiece, a coaster or a shelf than for a whole table with rough wood, right? An incredible idea: use slices of wood as kitchen shelves. With them, you can even mount a live spider on wall. Sparkly! Dare with different thicknesses and you can use slices for a lot of things. For example, you can convert them into trays or original and rustic pots. Give slices your personal touch by drawing them. Painting them or writing messages on them. Then use them as beautiful pictures to decorate wall. And, of course, make them basis for a lot of furniture: coffee tables, wood slice table, mirrors… How beautiful are slices of wood in decoration, right? Encourage them to ask for Christmas or Kings because in 2018 they will be everywhere, it will be hard to resist!

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