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Even if you are not a big reader, you generally collect a lot of books in your life. After a while the question arises: where do you leave it? Normally you would plan diy built in bookshelves, but yes … What do you do if you have no room for it? Then you are looking for a handy alternative. Because in every house, no matter how small it is: there is always room for books! We will list some bookcase ideas for you! Do you know that the walls around a door or window frame are almost never used for useful things? Yet that is precisely the ideal place to install a custom bookcase yourself. It looks cool, is practical and does not cost you any valuable space that you would like to use elsewhere.

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On average, the ceilings in a house are about three meters high. Since as people in general we are less than two meters long, we should therefore keep a piece of space above our heads. You can not really use that space for anything. Because if you put frequently used stuff. For example, you are always climbing on chairs. You can install beautiful diy built in bookshelves there. Because you use relatively little (you just pick up a book now and then). And you can still put them in sight. When we look at usable space, the corridor is actually always skipped. That is strange, because usually you still have room for a narrow cabinet with books. The cupboard on the picture is much nicer. Because it is built into the wall so it does not cost any extra space!

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If you really do not have enough room for a separate bookcase, you can also combine it with other furniture. For example, you can make space for your books by arranging your wardrobe efficiently. So that you get a combination cabinet consisting of wardrobe and diy built in bookshelves. Many houses have a large unused space under the stairs. Whether there is a cupboard that you do not do much with or that it is an open space in your living room. You can always use strange corner by fitting bookshelves into it. So you get a sturdy triangular bookcase with space for a large stock! You see it: space in your house does not matter that much when it comes to whether or not you have room for a bookcase. You just always take place – even though it is sometimes unexpected places where you can lose your books.

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