Beautiful Floor Plan of Modern Family House


Today we are going to present you a beautiful floor plan of modern family house. Its perfect for a family that likes comfort and ample space inside house. Design of this residence has contemporary details that are mix with others a bit more traditional. Then, creating a mixture between sloping roofs and straight lines. And well define which give a great personality to this beautiful residence.

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Facade of this detached house shows a mixture of truly audacious materials. A stone cladding creates a connection with nature. Which in turn gives it a nice modern touch that makes it much more attractive, welcoming a warm and also welcoming residence. House has a garage that makes it much more functional. And then helps to add volume to floor plan of modern family house.

Next, we continue our visit to interior of house. And found living room and also dining room. Large glass surfaces allow natural light to invade space. So it is perceive much more spacious and comfortable. Decoration project is modern and stylish. Partition structure with frosted glass guarantees a visual connection between kitchen and rooms, resulting in a beautiful design.

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We could not stop showing fireplace, which with its contemporary design. Creates a focal point in floor plan of modern family house, forming part of set where television is housed and then same wood for fire. Ecological fireplace heats atmosphere and provides a unique thermal comfort in winter.


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