Attributes and Responsibilities of a Drop Front Desk Receptionist


Drop front desk works in organizations, offices or administrative support positions generally. In the lobby or in the waiting room of a company or organization. The basic task carried out by this individual is to receive and greet visitors. Clients and even patients in organizations or hospitals. The tasks carried out by the front desk receptionist vary he answers questions about the company. And also its policies, products, and services provided by the company.

Other tasks include directing visitors to people they want to meet. Sorting out and handling all letters, answering the phone, fixing appointments for the boss. Also for people who want to deal with senior company managers, the filing also keeps records, data entries. And also different office communication tasks such as handling faxes and e-mail. In certain offices and organizations, receptionists also have financial responsibilities that include bookkeeping.

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Sometimes the receptionist also performs “security duties” such as verifying employee identity. Giving permission to visitors, and also observing and reporting any type of suspicious activity or people he might meet. Because he is the face of the company or organization and the first business contact. Someone encounters when entering the office, he must always exude a sense of professionalism that is calm and polite. The personal qualities he must have to include neat and neat appearance, attention to detail. The ability to deal with situations in an adult way. A sense of loyalty to the organization, dependence, and also a positive attitude.

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The job description of the front desk receptionist requires having to deal with various types of people with various demands and personalities. At the same time, the receptionist is also expect to be proficient in multitasking which can be stressful. In some organizations or companies. The position of the front desk receptionist is considering a servant. While in other places the work profile is considering as one that has an element of glamor and sophistication. The smart front desk receptionist will use the opportunity during his working hours to study and familiarize himself with office work and slowly and move on to higher positions and administrative work in the office.

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But in a doctor’s office or a small lawyer, he must also assume other duties and responsibilities such as an office manager. In the hotel sector that works around the clock, receptionists who do night shifts have the responsibility to consolidate and report on daily accounts.  Some of the attributes that must be possessed for this work are having excellent telephone skills and behavior, a clear and pleasant voice, and strong technical and office skills. At the same time if he is naturally wise, diplomatic and polite then he is clearly an asset to the organization.



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