Alternative Uses of Wood Plant Stand


Wood plant stand can be used for many purposes, especially in the garden. While they can be used to hold plants, they can be used for food and drink purposes, as well as garden decorations. The possibilities are endless. Plant stands can be reused from home, purchased or cleaned. Old, friendly displays can be refurbished before use. A differentiated plant booth would work well as a bookshelf.


Modern wood plant stand in the garden holds a wide range of plants for your enjoyment. Placement of the stands is important for them to look as attractive as possible. The pitcher, placed next to the sun loungers or patio corner, add interesting decorative elements outdoors. A tall stand, which holds a potted plant vineyard, looks nice in the garden, with medium-sized flowers planted around it. Two short plants are placed in front and on the sides of a medium-sized stand are attractive with potted begonia or geraniums.

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Start Plants

Differentiated wood plant stands indoor at hand during the early spring season to start seed. When the seeds are planted in their pots, place them on the rack levels. Drape thick, translucent plastic over the frame and pots, and place rocks or wood pieces on the plastic at ground level to capture heat. During hot days, the plastic can be removed, if desired, for a couple of hours. This plastic helps keep warm in cold nights, so seeds and seedlings are not damaged. Many differentiated plant stocks have slotted shelves that allow for easy airflow. During the latter autumn months, potted plants that still produce can be placed under the shelves. The plaster is used in the same way as they were in the spring to allow further maturation.

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Creative uses

Tall plants often stand three round shelves. Removed, these shelves can be replaced with tiles. Located on a picnic table, the stands hold foods of various kinds, such as muffins or vegetable sticks. Set next to a sun lounger, place a pot plant on the bottom shelf, a basket of items from the middle of the middle and a drink and book on top. These stand-by garden decorations, such as statues, as well. Placing a wide bowl on the top shelf is another option. This bowl, filled with water or seeds, attracts birds. Plant is usually used to show vessels. They can be purchased or made at home, and are available in a variety of designs. A plant booth can be a rounded shelf just big enough for a pot, or it can be a multitier rack to hold several containers. Regardless of style, plant stocks have many other than the traditional uses.

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