About a Wooden Napkin Rings


Wooden napkin rings are rarely used today, but they are still sold in antique stores, household goods stores. They have an interesting story dating back to the Middle Ages and can very well see a rise. Pretty silver napkin rings are also available in antique stores, on eBay and as new baby gifts. Their small size, variety and relatively low cost make them a desirable collectible item.


The wooden napkin rings bulk first came into use when the European nobility sat with a graduated silver vessel. Often shaped like a ship that held the personal table linen, salt, wine, and also poison-tested chemicals. They shrank in size and grew in popularity during the Victorian period. When most members of the upper class had their own rings. They no longer held salt or wine but were carefully decorated with birds, flowers and decorative bows. Some families would use obsolete family silver coins to melt down and fashion savors. They came into a more widespread use when other cheaper materials began to be used. Including leather, ceramics, wool reinforced with wire and wood.

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Before the popularity and availability of disposable tissues, people who use linen and cotton wipe their mouth after a meal and wipe their hands after a finger bowl. Napkin rings often had initials or any identification mark to allow each member of the family to know whose napkin was whose. They only washed when the other bedding was washed. Many people use napkin rings to make a pleasing table when using fabric napkins. Craft magazines have instructions for making holiday and seasonal servings of discarded paper towel racks, strings, beads, ribbons and decorative threads. When people are looking for ways to reduce waste, cheap cloth diapers can become more popular, even for family food. Often, the napkin ring is personal so that it also serves the function of a place card.

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Collect napkin rings

Small wood Napkin rings are collectibles, as they are usually cheaper than other antique silver items. They are often for sale on eBay, ranging to hundreds of dollars, depending on the quality of the silver and the finish. They are not difficult to find in antique stores and junk stores. A traditional baby gift is to find a small antique napkin ring with the name of the child engraved on it. This is not always possible, of course, and a new napkin ring, engraved on request, another is unusual and quite a new baby present.

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