2000 SQ Ft Modern House Plans Needed a Proper Review


2000 sq ft modern house plans – A sunny summer day almost three years ago. Janni Bjerke took his husband and their two children to the little village to look at an old, deserted house. “We were greeted by a sunken kitchen, mold in the bathroom, a green toilet and old carpets,” she recalls. After several years in the apartment, the family, who would soon be five, had to find a new, larger residence. “Our highest wish was a laid-back farm or a nice half-timbered house,” she says – but the reality would be different.

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A Proper Review

For Janni and the man Oliver, it was time to get a breathing hole and build a common home for them and the children. “We have done a little the opposite 2000 sq ft modern house plans,” says Janni. “Oliver and I had children and bought houses, and only after that we became adults really,” she says.

The new house needed a proper review. With two full-time jobs, Janni and Oliver took turns replacing windows, finding alternatives to the old oil boiler and digging the floors downstairs to install underfloor heating. “In other words, we did all the rough jobs, and when I got pregnant with Nora, we were in the midst of the chaos – and I was vomiting around the clock,” recalls Janni. But despite nausea and a baby on their way, the couple chose to renovate the 2000 sq ft modern house plans itself.Lidded salt and pepper cellars with spoon,

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