1 Car Garage Plans, How To Properly Size Your New Garage


Plans 1 car garage with the right size will add value to your home, saving you a lot of disappointment in the future and can save money. There are hundreds of free and almost free garage plans available for purchase or download directly from the internet. Make bad choices and you can really reduce the value of your home. When I recently did a house plan search in 2100 to 2499 square foot category. 40 of the 50 I found were 2 car garage plans. Some garages are 24 ‘square (a good thing), with lots in the range of 20’ X 20 ‘(NOT so good) and one 19’ wide (ridiculous!).

What type of car do you drive? Better still, what kind of car will the buyer do in the future from your home drive? If the world doesn’t have anything to keep and everyone drives a Mini Cooper, it doesn’t matter. For others, plan at least 24 square boxes. Why is it so big? Many popular cars and SUVs today are 16 to 17 feet long, leaving little room to walk around the car with the garage door closed. Worse yet, install 18 “to 24” deep storage racks or 25 “workbench in front of your car and no room for you. With so many people parking $ 20,000 + their cars outside, you would think the CRAP stored inside is actually worth something.

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If you have valuables stored inside, why not provide space for your car too? Add a garage work desk, tool box, some equipment and some recreational equipment and everything can be very tight. Compare these two garage plans: Plan one is 20 ‘deep with 16’ long Chevrolet Trailblazer parked inside. With one foot on the back of the Trailblazer, you only have three legs in front. Add 25 “deep work tables and there are 11” left for you who are thin. Drive a full-size pickup and you sink. Plan two is 24 ‘away with the same Trailblazer parked inside and one leg behind. Now you have almost five meters between your vehicle and work desk.

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How about the width? Most garage planners advise you to leave 30 “between the car and any obstacles, including other cars, walls, etc. Why? So you can open the door of your car and get you and your belongings out without contortions. Let’s compare again two garage plans: Plan one is width 20 ‘. With 30 “between two average cars (about 6’3” wide each) and between your car and the wall, your garage must have a width of at least 20’. There is no space for shelves, plan two is 24 ‘wide, with a shelf of 24 “on both walls you still have 30” between and next to your car.


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